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How It Works

Executive Directors of non-profit organizations have much to do - a full plate! A. Haaker Consultant's grant division led by Louise K. Haaker, can greatly reduce the stress of fund raising by bringing grant dollars to your organization.


At our initial meeting we will establish a course of action to bring about positive results. It is imperative to identify your organization's mission, those you serve, the project goal, financial need, and a time frame for funding.   A review of your historical awards will determine likely approaches for funding requests. We will survey community relationships, utilize our unique broad based data bank of grant opportunities, and focus on foundations that heartedly support your mission.


We will interact with your staff to gather information necessary to complete a grant request, prepare the documentation to include narrative, budget, supporting documents and submit the application in a timely manner. Our staff will be available to submit reporting documentation on your behalf after an award is received.


We are available to train your staff for preparation of future grant applications if this is the kind of training you wish to provide to your employees.


Our fee for service will be determined subsequent to an evaluation of your needs as discussed during an initial conference conducted without cost to your organization.



Louise K. Haaker